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11 passengers injured on turbulent Hawaiian Airlines flight

by Ana Lopez
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On Sunday morning, Hawaiian Airlines Flight 35 from Phoenix to Honolulu was rocked by turbulence that caused the heads of unbuckled passengers to crash into the plane’s ceiling.

By a Fox news report, 36 injured passengers were treated by Honolulu Emergency Medical Services, with 11 taken to the emergency room in serious condition.

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Hawaiian airlines released a statement confirming the incident: “HA35 from PHX to HNL experienced severe turbulence and landed safely in HNL at 10:50 am today. Medical care was provided to several guests and crew members at the airport for minor injuries, while some were rushed to local hospitals transported for further care.”

The turbulence is believed to have been caused by a strong low-pressure storm over the Hawaiian Islands on Sunday.

Videos of the incident have started popping up on social media.

a passenger, Jacie Hayata-Ano, spoke to CNNdescribing the feeling of being lifted off her seat while strapped in: “It felt like free fall.”

Heather Poole, author of Cruising Attitude: Tales of Crashpads, Crew Drama and Crazy Passengersrecently told the Telegraph that events like this are exactly why airlines want you to use your seatbelt on flights. “The reason you have to wear a seatbelt, including the flight crew, is because you don’t want the plane to come crashing down on you.”

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While during turbulence it may seem like we’re going up, the plane is actually descending, she explained. “It’s coming down hard and it’s coming down fast, and that’s how passengers get hurt — getting hit on the head by a plane.”

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