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10 crucial tips and benefits for in-house marketing

by Ana Lopez
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Have you considered an internal marketing strategy for your brand? If so, you’re not alone. Marketing is one of the biggest challenges for many companies and outsourcing often leads to disappointment and headaches.

Finding the right marketing company to partner with can be a time consuming and expensive process. Not to mention the time and effort it takes to get a new marketing company up to speed on your business.

Other challenges can also push you inwardly. After all, by bringing your marketing in-house, you have full control over your message and the process of getting that message out into the world.

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Benefits of using in-house marketing for your brand

One of the biggest benefits of in-housing is that it gives you complete control over the marketing process from A to Z, but that’s not the only reason you might want to consider this approach. Some of the other benefits of managing your marketing efforts in-house include:

  • Brand compliance. When you outsource marketing, you entrust other teams with your brand message. Typically, these teams work with several brands and need to manage brand compliance in marketing campaigns for each brand. Members of these teams may occasionally mix up your message, which can lead to customer trust issues. In-housing gives you complete control over your brand’s voice, message and marketing.
  • effectiveness. As mentioned above, marketing companies typically work with multiple companies. So you don’t have the full-time attention of the team working on your marketing campaigns. Bringing your brands in-house gives your marketing efforts the full-time attention they need to thrive and become more effective.
  • Easier onboarding and better expectation management. If your marketing efforts are right, new customers will know what to expect. That means your onboarding process is smoother and your customer expectations are manageable.

All of the above ultimately leads to improved adoption of the brand, product or franchisee, resulting in better revenue for your business.

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Tips to make in-house marketing successful

Bringing your marketing efforts in-house and delivering effective results can be two completely different topics, but they don’t have to be. Here are a few tips to make sure your internal marketing efforts are successful:

  • Hire the right team. It is crucial to put together the best internal marketing team possible. Conduct several interviews and consider each candidate before adding them to your team.
  • Focus on opt-in strategies. There are several ways to go about marketing, but opt-in strategies are usually the most effective. These strategies focus on getting users to sign up for your sales funnel, usually through an email subscription. Once the customer signs up, send regular messages to bring them deeper into your brand.
  • Make it personal. Don’t you hate emails that start with “Dear Valued Customer…?” Well, your customers too. Use names, send happy birthday wishes, and go the extra mile to let your customers know you put them first. Personalization goes a long way.
  • Analyze your effectiveness. Regularly check the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. The more you do, the more you learn what works and what doesn’t and what strategies you can use to improve your marketing results.
  • Take advantage of technology. Without technological innovation, this topic wouldn’t even be a topic. Technology has made various aspects of life more accessible, and marketing is no exception. Take advantage of the different technologies available to improve your marketing effectiveness.
  • Ask for references. Word of mouth is still as effective as ever. There’s no shame in asking for referrals to tap into this reliable stream of leads.
  • Ask for reviews. Customers are viewing reviews online before purchasing, more than ever before. Ask for reviews to ensure that when someone searches for hints about customer experiences with you, they find positive results.

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Take advantage of technology

The right technology can increase the effectiveness of your online advertising campaigns, especially if marketing has become part of your business. You can even automate much of the marketing process to relieve your team.

You’re not alone if you’re tired of working through the headaches of outsourced marketing. More and more companies are switching to internal marketing strategies because of all the benefits that the concept brings.

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